VMware vSphere: Cannot register a virtual machine in inventory: A virtual machine or template having the same name is already registered


a customer had the problem that a virtual machine is shown as invalid or orphaned. After removing from inventory (not from disk) he couldn’t register the vm again: “A virtual machine or template having the same name is already registered”

This could have multiple causes:
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Windows: Cumulative Update cannot be installed on Windows 10


let us assume you have installed Windows 10 1607 and you want to install the cumulative Update KB3189866 and the update fails:

c:\Temp > wusa %TEMP%\AMD64-all-windows10.0-kb3189866-x64.msu /quiet /norestart

Eventlog: EventID 3,
Windows update could not be installed because of error 2149842967 (Command line: “C:\Windows\system32\wusa.exe” “C:\Temp\AMD64-all-windows10.0-kb3189866-x64.msu”)
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VMware: Generate an URL for a VM Console Session


with PowerCli it is simply possible to generate an direct Link to accessing a VM’s Console without clicking through the whole vSphere Tree.

The anatomy of the URL is
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Windows: Robocopy quits with access denied Error 5 even if you have modify permissions


let us assume that you have write permissions (not full control) to a network share, you start robocopy without copying ACL and Attributes (/COPY:D, /DCOPY:D) and nevertheless robocopy exits with ACCESS DENIED. robocopy requests a lot of permissions:

Desired Access: Generic Read, Write Data/Add File, Write EA, Write Attributes, Delete, Write DAC
Disposition: OpenIf
Options: Directory, Synchronous IO Non-Alert, Open For Backup
Attributes: DA
ShareMode: None
AllocationSize: 0

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Powershell: Profile locations


if you want to customize your environment powershell has ability to load or execute some scripts at startup.

There are 4 files where you can define functions, aliases … The AllHosts variables does not mean Computers. Allhosts is relating to Programs with has an Interface to Powershell, for example Powershell itself, Powershell ISE and so on. While currenthost means a specfic program. The currenthost variables differ from Powershell to Powershell ISE.
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