WordPress: Warning: Cannot modify header information


when you change your Provider or your provider changes PHP version the Login page of WordPress (wp-login.php) shows an error message like this and a login is impossible:

Warning: Cannot modify header information headers already sent by…
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WordPress: prevent comment spam on wordpress


on wordpress based websites comment spam is all around.

If you are hosting WordPress on a apache webserver there is a simple but effective way to refuse automatically created comment spam from bots:
Redirect all HTTP Post requests directed to the wordpress comment form (wp-comments-post.php) and which do not have a referer from your site or has an empty User-Agent string away from your site. For example to the bots localhost 🙂

The only requirement is the apache module mod_rewrite and a .htaccess file in the root folder of your blog.

If not exists, create a .htaccess file within the root directory of your blog, or add the following directive to an already existing .htaccess file. Replace “www.yourdomain.com” with the address of your website.
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