Windows: Store credentials to access a share


the credialstore offers the ability to store credientials to access some resources without entering the password every time when the resource is used.
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Windows: Get all groups a user is memberof by dsquery/dsget recursive


The “net” builtin commands of Windows have some limitations: It truncates groupnames longer then 20 Characters, it cannot resolve group in group memberships….

dsget/dsquery are (LDAP) command line interfaces for active directory. For using these commands you have to install the Windows RSAT Tools (Remote Server Administration Tools).

Some examples.
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Windows: Cancel Bits transfers from other user


if you try to remove bits transfers initialted from SYSTEM or from other users you get an Access Denied (Unable to cancel job – 0x80070005) error.
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Windows: Change Password Utility


in Active Directory Domain environment you have to frequently change your password.

The default Windows methods usually does not support clipboard operations. So you have to enter your new password two times and depending on your method your old password too 🙁 .
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Windows: List all users who are currently logged on


if you want to list all Users which are currently logged on to the box use the query command.

List all sessions

c:\> query session
 SESSIONNAME       USERNAME                 ID  STATE   TYPE        DEVICE
 services                                    0  Disc
 console                                     1  Conn
>rdp-tcp#0         user1                     2  Active  rdpwd
 rdp-tcp                                 65536  Listen

Or list all users

c:\> query user
>user1                 rdp-tcp#0           2  Active          .  21.02.2015 19:42

You can also list the processes of the user

c:\> query process
 USERNAME              SESSIONNAME         ID    PID  IMAGE
>user1                 rdp-tcp#0            2   6076  taskhost.exe
>user1                 rdp-tcp#0            2   6592  rdpclip.exe
>user1                 rdp-tcp#0            2   4840  dwm.exe
>user1                 rdp-tcp#0            2   4680  explorer.exe
>user1                 rdp-tcp#0            2   7092  vmtoolsd.exe


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