Windows 10: Powershell Script to protect your privacy


this Powershell script is a try to protect your privacy in Windows 10.
Update 17.08.2016: Lot of adjustment to Windows 10 1607. Added more documentation
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VMware: Computer Account is disabled after deploying Windows Clients


last week I had to deploy 25virtual Windows (XP) Clients an on VMware ESX Cluster. One of the requirements was that the clients must be member of a Windows Active Directory.

After setting up vCenter (copy sysprep) I installed a reference Windows XP vm, convert them to a template and defined a Customization Specification like this:

Initial Customization Specification

Initial Customization Specification

During the cloning process, by using the template with the recently created custom spec, the domain join always fails and the Computer Account was disabled at each try.

Ok, now I tried modify some parameter of the Custom Specification:

  • Changing the Domain from fqdn to the NetBIOS Domain “SUB”
  • Altered the Username to SUB\joinuser or joinuser@SUB or

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